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Sustainable beauty

Conscious beauty rituals to reconnect with yourself while you take care of the planet.

Our Story

We have a mission: to simplify beauty and create conscious self-care rituals. Pioneering the Slow Beauty movement.

Customer Reviews

I love it!! It arrived super fast and with ideal packaging. I had never tried solid cosmetics and I was very surprised! I have felt the sensation of nature and pure cleanliness when using it. The result of the shampoo and conditioner is perfect! I will order it again.

Esther B.

Shampoo is much easier than I thought! It smells great and the foam level is perfect!

Clara R.

The solid conditioner surprisingly works super well! It helps detangle and leaves hair very soft and shiny. The packaging is super pretty! Quite a discovery!


I am very impressed with this natural shampoo. It is gentle on my hair and scalp, and it leaves my hair feeling clean, soft and manageable. I have also noticed that my scalp is less itchy and flakey since I started using it. Love it's perfume!!

Carlota T.

L'après shampoo solide rend les cheveux tout doux et est facile à utiliser, c'est un momenta cocooning et en plus il sent très bon

Ellyn R.

The best solid shampoo I've ever tried! Easy to apply, it smells phenomenal and creates foam, something that is more difficult to find in natural cosmetics and in solid format. Hair is left clean, with volume and shine.

Adriana H.

My first experience with solid shampoo and I found it very easy to use, I love the smell, my hair is super clean and with volume, great discovery!

Anna P.

I love the smell and I love that it is so exfoliating!

A. Prat

The feeling of holding the product makes the shower moment feel like a real bathing ritual! The smell is also very nice, gentle and refreshing!

C. Riera

I like the feeling of using a very natural soap, it smells great and is easy to apply.

Guillermo G.

The solid conditioner is very pleasant to use and leaves a great feeling on the hair: Easy to comb, shiny and light!

Clara R.

I have tried this solid shampoo (with the conditioner) and I love how it leaves my hair! After having tried several, I was surprised by the foam it makes. And above all, what I like most is how GOOD it smells!

Alejandra T.

The ritual of solid shampoo and conditioner is surprising, the hair is left super light with a lot of movement and shine.

Eugenia D.

J'ai beaucoup aimé le shampoo solide qui mousse bien, sent très bon et qui en plus prend soin de la nature car il est zero déchets.

Ellyn R.

The solid shampoo is amazing! It smells fantastic and foams a lot, I didn't expect it! Leaves hair with spectacular shine.

Ana D.