At Conscious Botanist, we have a clear purpose: to promote a conscious lifestyle by offering natural products that respect our planet and its people. We wake up every day with a mission to transform the cosmetics industry and create meaningful change in the way we relate to our skin, hair and body.

We are driven by a deep respect for nature and a passion for the botanical ingredients it provides. Harnessing the healing power of plants and preserving their essence in every formulation, we strive to use only natural, sustainable and clean ingredients in our formulas.

Earth and self care is our ethos.
We are committed to offering a conscious care experience, where efficacy and environmental responsibility come together. Our products are designed to be effective while respecting the health and natural beauty of our skin and hair. We firmly believe that beauty and wellness should go hand in hand, which is why we do not compromise on the quality or safety of our products.

We value transparency and education.

We want to be a trusted source of information about the ingredients we use, their benefits and their origins. We strive to give you the knowledge you need to make informed choices about your personal care, so you can live your own conscious experience.

Our vision goes beyond products.

We seek to foster a cultural shift, where self-care is a ritual of connection with yourself and nature. We want to inspire you to simplify your routines, to enjoy every moment of care and to develop a relationship of love and respect with yourself.

From responsible ingredient selection to our focus on sustainable packaging and ethical manufacturing practices, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment and contribute to the future of the Earth.
Together, we can redefine beauty, cultivate a deeper connection with nature and create real change in the cosmetics industry.

Discover a new way to care for yourself and our planet. Because conscious beauty starts from within.

Natural ingredients

1% for the Planet

No single-use plastics

Vegan formulas

Without silicones or parabens