How it all started

Conscious Botanist is the result of the passion and commitment of its founder, Ana de Miguel, to change the way we take care of ourselves and our planet.

After more than a decade of experience in the perfume and cosmetics industry working for internationally recognised brands, there came a time when Ana could no longer ignore a reality that clashed with her values: the excessive pollution of the cosmetics industry.

This reality began to erode her sense of purpose, in a corporate environment where the only goal was to maximise sales for brands she no longer believed in.

"I was increasingly upset to see the pollution of the cosmetics industry and the negative impact this continues to have on the planet. Towards the end of my corporate career, I no longer saw meaning in what I was doing, and felt the need to change direction. I wanted to create something with a purpose that resonated with me. Something sustainable, generating minimal waste. Demonstrating that it is possible, and that the world of cosmetics can be changed to support the planet if we all act now - especially the big brands. This led me to set out on my own path." - Ana de Miguel

Conscious Botanist was born with the intention of making a difference in the world of cosmetics, promoting sustainability and transparency, using natural and clean ingredients.

Conscious beauty

We have a mission: to simplify beauty with sustainable products and intentional routines that help us improve the relationship we have with our bodies. Allowing us to dedicate more time to wellbeing by transforming personal hygiene routines into self-care rituals. Going back to basics, starting with Slow Beauty.

Conscious Botanist aims to transform the way we take care of ourselves and our bodies. To change the relationship we have with our skin and hair by making daily routines an invitation to appreciate our natural beauty and, most importantly, to take care of ourselves. Starting with products that make us feel good, made with quality ingredients and consciously designed to cause no harm to the planet.

"For me, skin and hair care is a daily practice that is part of taking care of myself. It's a moment for me, a time to be present and mindful - whether it's in the morning to energise, or at the end of the day to unwind. It has always been part of my way of life. Since I was a little girl, my mother instilled skin and hair care as something enjoyable. However, after many conversations, I realised that for many people around me, this topic was more frustrating and confusing, rather than enjoyable. That they found it difficult to choose between so many brands and products available. My goal is to create products that are simple and versatile, yet, above all, make us feel good."

We believe that well-considered design objects elevate everyday rituals.

We have been passionate about the healing power of plants and their therapeutic and beauty uses for thousands of years. We are committed to plant-based products that are effective and healthy, with sensorial textures that connect us with nature. We are committed to simplifying beauty rituals, covering hair and skin care essentials for everyday use. And all this, without renouncing design, another fundamental pillar of the brand. Our founder's tireless search over the last few years for beauty products or brands that combine clean ingredients, excellent results and sustainable, aesthetically pleasing design, led her to create the Conscious Botanist brand. With the dream of becoming one the first Spanish brand of plant-based products, focused on sustainability and with an intentional and beautiful design.

Welcome to our universe of self-care and conscious beauty.