Our Conscious Gift Guide for Mindful Gifting

Guía de Regalos Sostenibles

This Christmas season we invite you to embrace the essence of mindful gifting with our specially curated Conscious Gift Guide.

We are committed to slow beauty and sustainability. Our gift ideas go beyond the ordinary. These holidays shop consciously: from local, small brands, sustainable and incredibly sensorial and feel-good beauty products.

Whether you're shopping for the wellness seeker, the yoga enthusiast, or the eco-lover, our consciously crafted gifts are sure to bring joy and a touch of Nature, beauty and sustainability to their festive celebrations.

Gifts for the Wellness and Self-care Seeker
For those who prioritize holistic well-being, we recommend our luxurious Solid Cleansing Body Bar Ritual, featuring our 3 best-selling handcrafted soaps infused with natural and botanical ingredients. These natural cleansing bars not only clean, but they provide a sensory escape, promoting relaxation and a truly elevated self-care ritual experience. They can be used together or separately, depending on what the skin and the mood need that day. 

This Ritual creates a spa-like experience at home, and will leave your beloved person feeling like after an ancient Roman bath.

This gift caters to the wellness lover's desire for tranquility and rejuvenation, and will leave them feeling grounded, present, calm and confident in their own skin.

Gifts for the Yoga lover:

For the yoguis who find solace in their Yoga mats, we offer gifts that harmonize with their spiritual and eco-conscious lifestyle.

Our Hydrating Body Bar is a cleansing and nourishing body soap made with natural ingredients like calendula, rosehip oil and turmeric to cleanse, calm and nourish the skin. This is perfect for the yoga naturist who values the connection between body and mind, and the importance of taking care of our bodies.

For a more elevated touch, consider our Exfoliating Body Bar, featuring a self-care moment to disconnect from the world and feel grounded. Formulated with botanical ingredients and Rosemary and Bergamot essential oils to make the bath or shower time feel like a unique aromatherapy experience.

Our Detoxifying Body Bar is both gentle and effective, eliminating dirt and bacteria while purifying the skin without stripping away moisture. It helps to cleanse not only dirt but also clearing away negative energies that can accumulate within us throughout the day, clearing mind and soul and allowing for a sense of renewal and restoration. Like a sage smudging for the body!⁠

 These items align seamlessly with the self-love and eco-friendly principles of the yoga enthusiast, fostering a deeper connection to the Earth through grounding natural ingredients and rituals that connects us to our inner nature.


Gifts for the Eco-warrior
For the environmentally conscious individual who strives to live a low-impact lifestyle, our slow beauty products are perfect as they focus on sustainability and reducing waste.

They might not be familiar with solid haircare products; this is the perfect occasion for letting them discover our Solid Haircare Ritual, featuring Solid shampoo enriched with lemongrass essential oil, amla and nettle extracts for strength, volume and shine, paired with our natural solid conditioner free from silicones and parabens and enriched with botanical squalane, shea butter and nettle extract for soft, nourished hair.

Designed to reduce single-use plastic waste, The Solid Haircare ritual is good for you and the planet.
Your Eco-Lover friend or family member will be the happiest with this Christmas Gift as it is plant-based, made with biodegradable ingredients, vegan and cruelty-free, featuring recyclable and partially recycled boxes, no single-use plastics and no artificial colorants or fragrances.


By choosing sustainable, slow beauty products, you're not just giving presents; you're sharing a commitment to a more mindful and purposeful way of gifting, and ultimately, of living.

May these curated gift ideas bring joy, wellness, and eco-conscious delight to your loved ones this holiday season, as well as the inspiration to devote more time to their daily rituals.

Happy gifting!